COOKING UP TROUBLE - Julia's Breakfast Salad.png

An Introduction . . .

2017 has been a crazy one so far, and we’re only a few months in. It’s time to feed our bodies right and nourish our spirits, take care of each other and ourselves. Anne Parker ( and Leela Cyd (, longtime friends–as well as stylists, influencers, cookbook authors, photographers, and frequent collaborators–have partnered to develop a mini-cookbook, entitled COOKING UP TROUBLE–100% of the profits will benefit Planned Parenthood, a service that really needs our help right now. Afterall Studio (directed by 2 working mamas) is heading up the design aspect of the project. The momentum of our women’s movement is real and this team is seizing an opportunity to do something beautiful and create an immediate impact.

Anne and Leela have invited culinary luminaries to participate, friends from nearby and further afield– divine foods such as Breakfast Salad with toasted Brioche, Bone Broths to Bolster, Cali/Swiss Muesli with Pistachios and Tangerines, Lemon Tea Cake all grace the pages of this book. Anne and Leela’s recipes are woven throughout as well. We can’t do everything to fix this alternate political reality we’re living, but we can contribute in the best way we know how and give it all to Planned Parenthood, a place that has nurtured and protected us and so many of our friends throughout our lives.

Forward written by Linyee Yuan, editor in chief of Mold Magazine